About Us

“A Republic, IF you can keep it” is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin. We are on the verge of losing that Republic. We have Republicans and Democrats voting against their respective platforms subsequently making it hard to find out where they stand. They are not transparent. We are to help the citizens see through their campaign lies. Transparency, these days, is hard to find.

You are seeing this message now because your investigating where the money given to politicians comes from or how their votes line up with the political platform they claim. That’s what we do; follow the money as we track votes according to the Platform and ultimately the State and US Constitution, we provide transparency. Your desire for transparency is understandable and quest for the “truth in advertising” is necessary to preserve our republic.

You choosing the Platform Adherence Committee for that transparency means a great deal to us. We are here to help you and sincerely appreciate your interest in that transparency.