RINO Definition

A RINO is a Republican In Name Only.

A RINO is a person that, while operating under the Republican brand, does not adhere to the principles of the Republican Party Platform.

The Problems

Agenda vs Party

Democrats, are Agenda-Driven and less concerned with a party label than the average Republican.

Liberals will freely switch parties to assure their agenda is advanced. Republicans will vote for a RINO Republican over other candidates, even one whose values are closer to what they themselves espouse. Most Republican voters are low-information voters and will blindly vote for anyone with an “R” behind their name. Of the two sides, the Republicans are the most gullible and continuously fall prey to Liberal political ploys. Liberals are loyal to their agenda, Conservatives are loyal to their party, or, at least to the party that they think represents them.

Strategy and Tactics

The Left bases its strategy on primal human emotions: Fear and Greed. If you want proof of this, just read Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals. He lays it out in very plain English. An example of the greed the Left plays on could be summarized by the phrase, "What can government do for me." As for the fear, a good example on the right might be, "Oh, my God! A Democrat might win!"

The Right thinks that if they just educate one more voter, eventually the electorate will awaken to our superior philosophy and we will be victorious. With most voters being graduates of public school and going through at least 12 years of Leftist indoctrination, it is laughable that the same people that send their kids to public schools willbe the most vociferous advocates of "educating the public." By the time these kids become members of the electorate, it is far too late for education to be a solution.

The simple fact is that while we do have a better philosophy, the average voter is incapable and/or unwilling to process facts over the need to bend to primal instinct. Given this difference in strategy, the Left wins every single time.

Herd Mentality

No one group personifies herd mentality like Conservatives. No one. We hear it time and time again - “I can’t vote for the 3rd Party guy, because they can’t win.” Guess what, Cupcake, you’re the reason they can’t win. As long as you run with the herd, you will be led to the slaughter.

Most Conservatives are so hypnotized by the Republican Label that they simply cannot see beyond it.

The Lesser of Two Evils Myth

There is no bigger lie that the idea that you have to vote for the lesser evil.

Isn’t it amazing that the RINO Republican Establishment can always find a candidate just one vote to the right of the Democrat? If conservatives voted their conscience, there would be no need for this Committee or this web site. Our biggest hope is that one day, the need for this site would evaporate. But, we’re not holding our breath.

Single Issue Voting

Single issue voters will support anyone who claims to be for their pet issue, even if their voting record is abysmally Leftist on every other issue. There is no arguing with these people. We all know the person who would vote for Adolph Hitler as long as Hitler claimed to be pro-life. The only thing that will motivate these people to think strategically is to threaten them with a Democrat victory.

Make no mistake: Every one of us is staunchly pro-life and staunchly pro-Second Amendment. However, our vote will not be held hostage or coerced over one single issue. The question is: How many single issues are you going to settle for? What issue amounts to your 30 pieces of silver? Ask yourself this: Would I elect Joseph Stalin if he were pro-Second Amendment? Would I vote for Adolph Hitler if he were pro-life?

If you answered "NO" to the last two questions, why on earth would you vote for a Leftist RINO over a better 3rd Party candidate. Hold that thought - we know why you do.

The Solution

Our solution to the problem is not based on education. We’re not here to educate everyone, just a large enough minority to pose a threat to the low information, mainstream conservative majority.

Keeping in mind that there is no difference between a RINO and a Democrat, the threat is this: If a RINO Republican wins the Republican Primary election, the Democrat will win the General Election. This means that when faced with the poor choice between a RINO and a Democrat in any election, we work to defeat the RINO regardless of the outcome. If this means a Democrat victory, so be it. You can vote 3rd Party. You can abstain from voting. You can even vote for the Democrat if you want to swing the biggest hammer - just don’t vote for the RINO.

Our strategy is based on primal instincts, not education - fear of the Democrat victory will force the average low-information voter to act responsibly. Remember, it is fear and fear alone that causes most Republican voters to vote for the “lesser evil” RINO. They fear the Democrat so badly that they would rather shoot themselves in the head than allow the Democrat to shoot them in the head. Why not put that fear to work for us? If they vote for a RINO in the primary election the consequences will be their worst fear - a Democrat will win the general election.

We have nothing to lose. RINOs are every bit as bad as the Democrats. In fact, in Idaho, most of the RINOs in the Idaho Legislature are just Democrats disguised as Republicans.

The Idaho Legislature is 80% (+/-) Republican. There is a lot of room to maneuver with very little risk to the Republican majority.

Our strategy is the only strategy that eliminates the problems noted above. Eventually, it will also force the RINOs out of the Republican Party and back to the party in which they belong because they will not be able to win as a Republican.

There are risks. What we know for certain is that over the past 60 years continually electing the lesser evil RINO has not moved the nation or the state of Idaho to the Right in the long haul. If anyone can show us a history of how electing RINOs has been a winning strategy for the Right, we’ll pack this site up and go home.

It will take nerves of steel. It will take guts. It will take balls. We will be called every name in the book. We will be blamed for everything that goes wrong in government, but If we are vocal; if we are resolute; if we do not bluff, we will win.

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