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ID GOP Platform (PDF) The document that this is all about!

A Resolution to Maintain Republican Platform Principles and Defend the Voice of the People in the Idaho Legislature. Passed at theSUmmer Cnnvention in 2018, this resolution butresses the support for the Idaho Republican Party Platform. This was the resolution that gave birth to the proposed rule change below.

Proposed Rule Change This document was proposed in 2019 as change to the Republican Party rules allowing for censure and removel of the Republican Party endorsement from the Legislator in question. We strongly support this rule and urge all conservative Republicans to share this with their central committees.

House & Senate Contacts in Excel: Excel Spreadsheet of all 2019 Session House and Senate members with phones and addresses for use in Mail-Merging and emailing.

We got the goods on these guys...

Here are some canned reports for some of the Idaho Legislature's Establishment Leadership and prominent political action committees.

Each of the following reports were generate by our Cash Tracker and are provided here as a time saving measure. We urge you to become familiar with the Cash Tracker and discover just who owns your representatives.

Here are some additional resources...

Idaho Freedom Foundation Website

Here are the PDF versions of the Freedom Foundation's Freedom Index Charts. Unfortunately, IFF graded on a statistical curve in 2017, giving the appearance that the Legislature has begun moving to the political Right. This was not the case. They went back to a straight percentage in 2018. Forget about their Letter Grade assignment; if you stick with the percentages, you should be OK.

My Representatives: Find out who yor Idaho Representatives are. Enter your complete address to find out who your representatives are. This is important to know.

Idaho On Fire is a group dedicated to the State Control of Idaho Land.

Health Freedom Idaho is an organization advocating parental choice, individual liberty and disclosure in the health industries.

Here are some useful links to the Idaho Legislature Website...

Known "False Front" and questionable political action committees.

This is a list of the known False Front organizations and political action committees whose actions are questionable. A False Front PAC is one that tries to fool people with names that contain words like "Conservative," "Sportsmen," "Balance," or "Common Sense" in their titles. The following PACs are funded by RINOs, Democrats and/or other Democratically controlled organizations or are donors to them.

We urge extreme caution when contributing to or reading literature from any of the organizations listed below. Whenever you hear or see the buzzwords listed above, use our cash tracker to see where their money goes. You may have to trace the cash one or two degrees before you discover the nature of their funding.

PAC Name
Conservatives For A Strong Idaho
Funded by people, including Staci, Darmody, who also donate to Democratic candidates and Planned Parenthood of Idaho.
Sportsmen For Idaho
Funded by the Idaho Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee through another false front called Conservation Voters for Idaho (CVI). CVI used Sportsmen For Idaho to target mailings in favor of RINO Republican candidates against sitting conservative champion legislators. Read about it.
Patriot PAC
Funded by the Idaho Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. Former Sen. Dan Schmidt (D-Moscow) was soundly chastised in the Moscow Daily News for his fraudulent mail scam and attempted disruption of the 2014 Republican Primary election. Sen. Dan Schmidt was also singled out in a stinging opinion piece by ultra liberal Marty Trillhaase. Even the liberal Moscow Daily News editorial staff condemned Sen. Dan Schmidt's unethical and potentially ilegal behavior.
Common Sense PAC
Funded by corporations and Establishment Republicans. Their expenditures are a Who's Who of Establishment and RINO politicians.
Idaho Conservatives
This group is not a PAC per se. It is a Facebook Page and website. They are an organized Establishment/RINO front group posing as conservatives. No doubt, there are many conservatives that have joined their group. The problem with this group is that they will post good conservative articles mixed with attacks on real Liberty legislators like Ron Nate, Heather Scott and others. Holly Cook is their PR representative and contributor. Holly Cook has also been identified as a vexatious litigant - a person who files law suits for frivolous reasons.
North Idaho Political Action Committee (NIPAC)
NIPAC claims to be a conservative political action committee but their expenditures and contributors include RINO Sandra Patano and several Establishment RINOs.
Idaho Chooses Life (ICL)
Idaho Chooses Life earns the dubious distinction of making this list because of its support of RINO Rep. Tom Loertscher in 2018 over solidly pro-life primary winner, Rep. Chad Christensen. The full story is exposed in an article called Why Follow The Money. That's enough to convince us that their motives are politically motivated, regardless of their stated good intentions or mission statement.

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